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Post Haste - Clothier
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Post Haste
(Oh that title's a knee slapper.)

No, I haven't died; I've just been really busy with work and uni.  But it's over!  Just two exams to go and I'm done for a whole month!

My German plastic bones arrived so I finally made my 1770s stays in a nice green cotton!  I just need to buy some yellow silk to bind and lace it!  I'll post pictures when I have a camera.  My pink polonaise fits PERFECTLY over the new stays!!

So I have sooo much to sew in the next month.

1.  I have to finish Maggie's ball dress.  It's a 1950's inspired number made from embroidered muslin and accents in that pink striped silk.  The bodice and shirt are finished and joined.  I just have to attach the sleeves and hem and trim it.  Oh and put the buttons on and hopefully make a belt for it.

2.  In order to finish Maggie's dress I have to finish my robe a la francaise, so I know how much of that pink silk is available.  But before I can attach the rucheing I have to bone and attach the stomacher, which still needs buttons made for it, case the decollete, and hem it....but before I hem it I have to reposition the drape and pleats on the skirt, tack down the back pleats and bone the gather in the back lining.  Wow, there's a lot more to do than I though1.  And I have to have that done in time for my ball at the end of Sept.!

3.  I have to finish my 1871 and 1867 Victorian dresses.  The 1871 dress needs work on the sleeves, trim, and front closures as well as all-around hemming on the bodice and skirt...in fact I think I still need to attach the skirt to a waistband.  The 1867 dress needs some broderie anglaise on the corset cover, the sleeves need to be attached to the bodice, the bodice needs piping and a waistband made and I need to hem all the skirts.  Before any of that happens I need to make to bustled petticoats though!

If I have time, which I probably wont at this current rate of procrastination, I'd like to finish the bulk of the work on my 1850s day dress too.  All that needs doing is making the front false waistcoat, making buttons for it, boning the seams, reinforcing the waist and gauging and attaching the skirt to the bodice.  After that I can make broderie anglaise cuffs and collars at my ease...as well as finishing off the three petticoats for it I have to finish the hem in broderie anglaise on one and make a flounced petticoat as well as a corded one.  

Whew!  Just typing it makes me a bit tired, but excited at the same time.  Think of all the beautiful things I'll have to wear if I finish it all!


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