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Measure Twice, Cut Once

The Victorian Era.

Your tastes are always changing, but one thing's certain; you always look impeccable, no matter what you wear. You like a guy who will play the Prince Charming, diamond ring and all, and who doesn't? There's a lightheartedness about you that makes you very likeable, but you also have a subtle sex appeal. You love a good story, no matter how far-fetched, and are good at telling them yourself.

The picture fits me, but the description doesn't at all.  Hmmm.....


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So I have to admit that after spending two straight days embroidering, I was loosing steam.  So rather than waste time I decided to revisit an old project that's been hanging over my head waiting for pinking shears.  Well, I bought the shears two weeks ago but hadn't gotten cracking yet.  Last night I started and finished all the ruching on my polonaise.

I wish I could put it on but alas I foolishly dismantled my half boned stays to salvage materials for a set of fully boned stays so I have nothing to wear it with...I hope the fully boned stays don't change my figure too drastically.  This is one of my favourite dresses.

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This is perhaps the beginning of the end.  I am embarking on 3 meters of intense white work to edge the hem of my petticoat.  It's hard work but it's so satisfying when it urns out looking so good.  (If you can't tell, I'm quite pleased with myself.)  Too bad it'll never show in polite society.

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I just finished the final tuck on my 19th cent. chemise!  That means that I have a corset and chemise to wear with all my Victorian stuff!  I'll put pictures soon, I promise.


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Hehe!  Peter Jackson's going to make the Hobbit, here, in Wellington!   Gah!  I HAVE to be an extra; it's my mission!


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Okay, I finally have something new to show for myself. 

I think it's pretty good for a first attempt at broderie anglaise.  Alas, I am too cheap and impatient to practice on a sampler, so I'll just improve as I go.  Luckily there are lots of undergarments to practice on before I have to embellish that actual dresses!

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My my, I've been rather delinquent in posting here.  I just started a new job and my Latin class is drawing to a close so there have been no shortage of other things to occupy my mind :(.  Despite that I still find time to muse about sewing projects...it's a trade-off between sleep and musing...

Anyway, I've decided to make an 1840's style day dress.  I found an amazing blue tartan in a silk duchess, mmmmm.  Yep, that and then I have to make another 1840's day dress for my friend so we can romp together...really must teach her how to sew...I'm thinking maybe in a solid brown duchess.  To make this project really economical I plan to make both day and evening bodices for these dresses.

Who knows when I'll finish these, I haven't even started.  Fall term is rapidly approaching, which means my time is running short if I want to wear this dress in November for Oamaru's Victorian Heritage Fest.......ugh, and I have to make a full set of petticoats for each dress too since all my old ones are at home.  Oh boy!
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I need advice on:
1) The best hand stitch for 18th century stays;
2) An authentic metallic border pattern for a 1790s blue silk open robe (see below)
3) Ideas/designs for a 18th/19th century quilted petticoat.

I have several problems.  I have no ability at pulling pretty embroidery designs out of my head, so as guilty as it makes me feel I usually have to scour the web and steal someone else's designs.  Also, I am a poor starving student living in a country the imports MOST of it's fabric = expensive, so I try to make as many projects as I can that bridge multiple centuries, i.e. a quilted petticoat that with a design that would work for an 18th or 19th century outfit. 

This is more a to-do list for myself, but...I need to buy a straw bonnet and a parasol for my 1840's dress ...

Also, kind of a long shot, but does anyone know of any costuming related  groups in New Zealand?

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I had a MySpace, I have a Facebook, but that wasn't enough.  Now I have a LiveJournal. 

Not that I need to waste more time online, but I need to get more connected with other costumers (all the way down in NZ I feel a little isolate) and I need help and guidance from some of the amazing costumers that I've stumbled upon on here.  So please give me feed back on the projects I post (when I manage to post them)!  
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